Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of our most frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please just ask us. This is Our Country, and it belongs to all of us. Those with interests will always make sure their interests are served. It's time we all took an interest in Our Country.

How can I make a donation?

You can't. One of our guiding principals is that democracy should be decided by votes not wallets. We want all political parties to be funded by the public purse. We believe that the general public will understand that any organisation large or small incurs costs in operation, but we feel it is a fundamental duty of all public funded organisations to make sure that they are operated in the most cost efficent manner possible. In the case of political parties, we believe it is vital that all income and expenditure are transparent, and that there is no opportunity for organisations or individuals to curry favour with policy makers. In line with our proposed change of regulations for how political parties are funded and operated, we derive our income solely from public money and through our membership fees. If you are interested in becoming a member of our party, then we welcome your support.

Do you really think you can change things?

We believe that with the support of the british people we can change anything.

There are many individuals within the UK who have lost faith in our political system and feel that their vote will not count for anything. We sympathise with this view, and believe that where traditional party politics has failed, we can succeed in engaging with those who have lost faith and give them the voice they deserve.

With your support we grow stronger, and as we grow stronger, so we hope will the British People.

What are your political objectives?

We do not have any political objectives in the traditional sense. Our objectives are simply to ensure that elected politicians are representing the interests of the people that elected them.

For far too long, politicians have been making promises at election time and then failing to deliver on those promises once elected. We believe this is fraud. In any other sector, if you are employed to do a job, and then fail to do it, you will be replaced. We believe that this principal should be enforced with great vigour within public service.

We want and feel the british people deserve the most efficient government possible. For too long, public money has been considered to be an inexhaustable pot, and it has now been shown not to be the case. In the same way as government is responsible for revenue generation though taxation, we believe government has a duty to make sure that each and every penny collected is spent as wisely as possible, and spent with the public interest at it's core.

How can I help?

While we cannot accept monetary donations, we can accept donations of your time. If you are willing to work with us for the good of the country and the general public as a whole, then please get in touch and let us know what you can do for us. We will not represent your business or your services.

You can also spread the word about who we are and what we are trying to achieve. We believe that through cooperation, the British people can create a system of governance that is fair for all, with such a system of governance we can work together to create a society that is fairer for all.