About the Our Country party

We are not Labour.  We are not Conservative.  We are not Liberal Democrat.  We are the British People.  This is our country, this is our government, and this is our voice.  We are governed by consent and by consent alone.

The purpose of the Our Country party is to provide a much needed voice for the people of the UK.  We are not interested in governing the country, our interest is in governing and regulating the politicians and making sure they are held accountable at every stage of their political careers and that they are representing the interests of the British Public in it's entirety, rather than the interests of the loudest lobbying groups, or the deepest wallets.

We believe in democracy.  We believe that each vote should carry the same weight as the next vote, regardless of who posted it.

Our mode of operation is simply to listen to the public and push for changes as and when existing political parties fail to listen.  We want a fairer United Kingdom.  We want an equal United Kingdom. We want a Truly United Kingdom.  We are not automatically opposed to devolution, but believe that the British people will be best served by leaders who listen and put the peoples interests first, regardless of the governments organisational structure.

Our sole aim is to bring about change in the way political parties are funded within the United Kingdom. We want each and every party to receive funding in direct proportion to the level of support they receive within the electorate.  We wish to bring about an end to the purchase of political influence by wealthy individuals and corporations, and ensure that each voter within the UK can be assured that their vote will count and be no more or less important than their neighbours vote.

We wish to pick up the british political system by it's ankles and shake it to to see what falls out of it's pockets.  We wish to make it clear to all public servants that it is the public they serve, and to make sure that their duty is not misplaced.