At a glance

Accountable Government

We believe that if elected leaders do not honor the promises they make then they should be held accountable to those who elected them and face consequences for their deception.

People Power

We believe that people will be best served by leaders who listen and will represent their interests with respect and integrity.

No Strategic Voting

We believe a vote should be for something a voter can trust and believe in to bring about an individuals desire for change, and not simply used as a weapon against leaders that don't listen.

One Person, One Vote

We believe that every vote should count, including the votes that have not been placed. The opinion of every single eligible voter is important to the future of our country.

All votes are equal

We believe one vote is one vote, regardless of the social status of the person placing that vote.

Too good to be true?

That depends only on the publics desire for change.  This is an exciting opportunity to bring about real and much needed change to our political system, but it can only be done with public support.

Own a politician for 60p a year

We believe in public ownership of our political system, and want a political system that serves the public as a whole and not the interests of small groups.  We believe that political campaiging should come from the public purse, not the purse of wealthy individuals and corporations.

"None of the Above" Vote?

We believe that a "None of the Above" option to be a valid choice, and propose a new method of counting these votes, and using them to bring about change rather than have them wasted.

Own a Politician from just 60p tax free. Interested? Engage brain and read On...

Welcome to Our Country

This is Our Country, and just like this website it's a long, long way from finished.  There is much do, both in terms of sorting out the site and sorting out Our Country, but every journey starts with a single step and this is the first of many.

We can all moan about the state of Our Country and moan about how unfair things are, but are any one of us actually prepared to get of our backsides and do anything about it?  If not, then what right to do any of us have to criticise?  

This is just an idea, and without support it's doomed to failure.  But if, just if, there's a real will for change perhaps we can all make a difference.

We start with an Idea and from that create a draft proposal.  Comments and feedback are badly needed.  For Questions see Frequently asked Questions, and if not covered there, please contact us.

Whether this idea has any value or can bring about real change depends only on the public appetite for that change.  Whether you agree with the idea or not, spread the word to all you know and let each and every member of the public decide for themself. We all know how badly change is needed, but lets see if we're willing to take responsibity for making it happen.